Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Four Years on, wow has it been four years, where has the time gone. Some moments it feels like yesterday, others it feels like a life time ago.

The last four years has been a journey full of such mixed emotion. It has been so sad, and certainly a walk where you find a way to live with such sadness. But after four years I have come to see my son's life as such a blessing. It saddens me where you hear of stories of where people shut down after the loss of their baby and some make the tragic choice of suicide after losing their baby, but what I want to say to them is hang in there. After four years my son's life has changed my life so dramatically.

I use to go to my jobs and always think, 'there has to be something better out there, something that has meaning' I guess my priority has always been a mum so if I've had jobs I have felt they have been tedious and extremely meaningless. I always envied my husband who seems to love his job. Don't get me wrong I love being a mum, I guess that is why I wanted to do a job that had meaning, that I could justify my time away from them.

So in the aftermath of losing Harrison I started my journey in creating Harrison's Little Wings Inc a not for profit organisation. We provide Practical Support for High Risk Pregnancies, this could be through house work, yard maintenance, financial help for things like car parking at hospitals etc. I have also been extremely blessed to have the fortunate opportunity to be sitting on several government boards and a hospital board. This has all come from my son's life. I love what I do and I am so passionate about bereavement care for women and families. Finally I feel as though I have found what I am passionate about, I have had a tragic experience, but my son's life is not lost on sadness and grief his short life showed me a world I wish on no one, but a world that needs strong Mummies and Daddies to speak up and rally for better care for families.

Harrison will always be included in my family. He will never be forgotten and always loved