Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I feel for all those mums

I am having a few really sad days lately, it is like this roller coaster ride, where you seem to live a few days of some sort of normality, and then you a hit with this wave of sadness. At the moment it is the title wave of sadness. Those days that are good, Harrison is never far from my mind and I think of him every day and all the time. Little thoughts of him. Days like today where there is a massive tidal wave of sadness I think of him constantly, I think of those machines that never did what I wanted them to do, I think of the softness of his skin and the silkiness of his hair. My heart goes out to all those mums that have babies in the NICU.
When I was pregnant, the Mater hospital had an information night about what to expect when your baby went into the Intensive care unit. They were telling us how the rooms are set up that the rooms closer to the door is where you wanted your baby to be, as they were the less serious cases and that as they got closer to the door meant they were going home. I remember a mum saying to me, geez you just have to hope your baby isn't in one of those rooms. (she was in hospital as she was having twins and there for bed rest) Harrison went to the room furthest away from the doors, and his little bed was at the end of that room. He never left there alive, and that is so devastating to think other mum's are going through that painful and helpless experience of watching their babies in that NICU. There is nothing more helpless for a mother to not be able to do anything for her baby. In Harrison's case we couldn't hold him, untill we knew he wasn't going to make it. You can only touch them. Your natural instinct as a mother is to want to hold your baby and fix it.... I am so sorry Harrison I couldn't kiss it and make it all better for you. I am sorry Mummy couldn't help you. Please know that I love you.
I have a few friends who are angel mummies, they are all coming up to their babies first birthday, and my heart goes out to them. We should all have babies nearly toddlers, we should all have little ones crawling and beginning to walk little people, instead we are left with empty arms. So to my friends, Teagan, wishing Miller a happy birthday and sending you guys lots of hugs. Sarah, wishing Dominic a happy birthday. I am thinking of you.

Harrison it is nearly 9 months since you were here, you are never far out of my mind, I love you so dearly. I love you little man. xxxx


  1. There are no words Mel.....just my prayer for you to come to some kind of peace, understanding and acceptance as to why Harrison was taken from you so soon.
    As I said the other day, I believe we are never sent a burden that we cannot bear and I believe you have taken the burden you have been dealt and turned it into something amazing, inspirational and a living memorial to Harrison.
    {{{HUGS}}} for you today xo

  2. Prayers for you and your family, my heart goes out to you.