Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some days are harder then others

Today is one of those days, sometimes there is the littlest thing that sets you off and puts in you in a spiral of sadness. I miss Harrison so very much. It's been 8 and half months since I met my son, and lost my son. Those eight and half months have been the hardest months of my life. I have never believed in bad luck, but I am starting to wonder. You just start to want something great to happen to you, and sometimes that just doesn't seem to happen.
I had a lady come up to me, and I had just spoken about Harrison's charity and explained what I do with it. She came up and told me that I was bought up differently to what she was. Basically the conversation was how she didn't agree with what I was doing she didn't agree with. That was really hard, I understand that people deal with things differently, but there is such a stigma on losing a baby, most people have this attitude of it happens get over it, and you shouldn't talk about it. Well what is the difference to if a mother dies, no one tells those that knew that mother that they don't talk about her and she is gone that is it. People expect us mothers to not talk about our child. Most people in there life time will not hold someone in there arms while they die or will have to go through the tramatic experience of losing a child. If you are reading this, and you know someone who has lost a child, just listen, ask how that person is really doing? Make it ok for them to be sad about there baby, and just let them know you are there.

I miss you Harrison, time certainly doesn't heal this broken heart. You are so loved, and so missed. xxx

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  1. i totally agree with what you're doing, and you've suffered the worst loss imaginable....that lady was so out of line to say what she did to you................. i am blessed to have not lost a child, and hope i never do....but my heart aches for you and all the other mums who have lost their babies whether it was as a newborn or 18 yrs later, the truth is parents should never have to bury their kids, its supposed to be the other way around.....