Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A poem from Holly Clarke

Here is a poem that my cousin Holly wrote, Holly had a baby girl Caitlin and when she was born she had a bowel condition that was really serious and they never picked it up on ultra sounds. So this poem was written not long after this happened;

My baby Girl
The joy of your birth taken away
Why my smile can not stay
Men in white coats say you are not well
I am angry and hurt I wanna yell
Please not again, this is not fair
This pain and worry is more then I can bare
I wasn't warned, I didn't know
God why her, why is this so
She is so beautiful and sweet
There are many, she is yet to meet
Don't give her to me and take her away
God this angel is mine, she's gotta stay
You have plenty of angels by your side
God I am sorry, my fury I can not hide
If I have done wrong? Punish me
But let this little life be
By Holly Clarke.
I love Holly's poems because she not only talks about how scary it is but she talks about a mother s anguish and how you constantly blame yourself, it must have been something we did wrong. To most people who haven't been through this sort of experience it doesn't sound rational really but it is exactly what goes through your head. We have asked Holly to do some poems up for us on Harrison's blog and facebook page So you will be seeing alot more of her poems. Thanks Holly for sharing this. It is beautiful.
Harrison I am missing you so very much. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts. I love you my sweet boy. Love Mummy

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