Friday, February 4, 2011

Going to Sydney

The last time I flew to Sydney was when I was about 6 months pregnant with Harrison, we heard about a christian man that had a gift in healing. I was willing to do anything to make my son better. I often wonder did I not have enough faith that God would heal him? What went wrong. This man has seen many miracles, I guess maybe that is why I had so much hope that Harrison would prove everyone wrong. So as always, there is that element of memory of him, and how he is not here with us.
I wish I could whisper lots of sweet things to you my sweet Harrison. I wish I could whisper I love you, feel your little breath on my cheek when you are sleeping in my arms. I wish I could get those moments that all mothers hold dear holding there babies and giving them those beautiful hugs, and not wanting to really put them in there bed because that moment you just want to take in. That is what I want with you Harrison. Those moments have been taken away from me. It just doesn't seem fair.
You are so very loved and missed so very much. I love you! Love Mummy

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