Monday, February 7, 2011


I went to Sydney for the weekend. I found it hard getting on the plane as the last time I got on a plane was when I was pregnant. It was a real emotional day, friday. Rodney and I walked along Darling Harbour. It was nice, it was the first time he and I have had time to ourselves since losing Harrison. We sat at a restarant that looked out onto Darling Harbour and we chatted, but what I loved most is that we talked about Harrison. I did end up crying sitting there but it was nice to just chat, and not be interrupted by other children. On Sunday we went for a walk but I didn't realise we walked past the place we stayed when we came down to Sydney when I was pregnant. That sent me into a slight distressed state. A part of me wished I could be back there, at least Harrison was with us.There are so mnay moments, so many memories that make him still here with us. Sometimes I worry will he be forgotten, but now I know I over the weekend. Other people may forget my son, but I know Rodney and I especially our lives have been forever altered by our son, we will never forget him, he is with us everywhere we go.
Harrison I love you so very much. Miss you, Mummy

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