Sunday, January 2, 2011

Harrison's Foot Prints

My girlfriend Jodi, spoke to me a few weeks after Harrison was born about this company that she had found who takes fingerprints, footprints and handprints of your children and then they shrink it and put it onto a necklace or a keyring the company is she got me to send down footprints of Harrison that the hospital did up for me. She then got me this beautiful necklace
This company has also just introduced engraving on the back, so Jodi got this saying put on the back 'Each breeze you feel and see brings love and a kiss from me' Jodi had taken this off the poem that was read out at Harrison's funeral When she gave it to me, it made me cry so much. It is so special, and so perfect. I feel so blessed to have special things that I carry with me on my necklace all the time. I have a locket on my chain that has a photo of Harrison and his hair, and my cousin gave me a beautiful pendant that is a mother holding a baby, and Jodi gave me this. I now carry a photo, hair, his footprints, and love, close to my heart all the time These things mean so much to me, as no matter where I am he is always close to me. Thank you Jodi so much for this beautiful gift.
Harrison, I am missing you more and more each day. I looked through your photos last night, the moment I see them, it takes my breath away. I miss you so much. I love you my sweet angel Love Mummy


  1. oh wow what a precious necklace, its gorgeous, what a lovely thing for jodi to do for you

  2. Isn't it beautiful. She is a very dear friend. I have been blessed with such wonderful friends