Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends on earth

I friend of mine tagged me in on facebook to this picture. I really love it. I think as a mother you don't want your baby to be alone. So to think that Harrison is up in heaven with other babies is comforting. I have met some really special mums that have had to also deal with losing there babies. Some have been friends for a while and they never talked about it untill they knew about what was going on with Harrison, and others I have met through the support group (Sands) I tend to cry over everyones loss, I guess to me I know the pain of losing Harrison so you can totally relate to there pain. But also it just seems to sad. That isn't the way it is suppose to work. I went into Harrison's birth wanting to believe in Miracles. I wanted to tell the doctors that my boy was a miracle. I guess I wanted the doctors to be so wrong.
My sweet Harrison, I hope you up in Heaven with Miller, Jay, Leith, Chloe and Lily. I hope you are altogether, playing with the angels. I hope there are the most beautiful fields filled with the most enchanting flowers. I hope you all look after each other. You are all so very missed, and so very loved. I miss you Harrison, I love you. Sending you all lots of cuddles.

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