Friday, October 1, 2010

September 14th, my first look at my beautiful Harrison

this was the first photo taken of me and Harrison. I was just so excited to see him. They told us that Harrison was born in really good condition. Apparantly babies with Dyaphragmatic hernia can be born in really bad condition, Harrison was one that was born in great condition. They did tell me that he had one lung that wasn't in good condition, and the other was an ok size but he was dealt a blow the one that was ok had a hole in it. So he had dealt with that ok, they had to drain the gases from his chest cavity and had reinflated the lung. I was in love with him the moment I saw him as all mums are when they see there babies for the first time. He was just so perfect and beautiful. The nurses told me he had a bit of attitude as he kept pulling out all the cords so they had to tuck his little arms underneath him to stop him from doing that. That was music to my ears, I knew he had attitude from him being in my tummy so I was glad that had come out, as I thought he had to have attitude to get through all of what he will have to go through. This second picture was his big brothers coming to see him and meet him

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