Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your brothers will remember

I am blessed to have 3 boys, My eldest Donovan is turning 12, Jordy is 7 and Cody who is turning 2. Harrison was our 4th boy. In a way I wanted a girl, but I love boys, they are fun. Also I think when you have the same sex children, it is easier, you have clothes and toys already. When we heard Harrison was a boy, I was excited. (We had just bought 1 acre of land and were building a house) I was thinking we would have 4 boys running around outside, playing. But at least our yard was big enough for them. When we heard about Harrison, we told the boys that he was sick. Jordy asked was he going to die, we told him that we weren't sure, but it was a possibility. I wanted to be honest with them, I am so glad now I was. When I was pregnant we would tell Cody that baby Harrison was in my tummy. He use to give my tummy kisses and hugs. It was so hard coming home and talking about Harrison, Cody would go to my tummy, and I would have to say no baby Harrison isn't there any more. Now I have to take him to a photo on the wall and show him baby Harrison. I have a locket that I wear around my neck that has Harrison's photo and lock of hair in it. So Cody likes to look at that. It makes me sad though, Cody will only ever know of his baby brother through a photo. I want so badly for the boys to know and remember there brother. I know for Donovan and Jordan they will remember and I can talk to them about it. Cody being so much younger worries me the most, as he will forget. So I am determineed that we remind him every day of Harrison.

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