Saturday, October 30, 2010

How would I have survived without you guys..

Harrison's pregnancy wasn't the easiest, we found out at our 20 week scan that Harrison had Dyaphragmatic Hernia, our lives were turned up side down. I have learnt through this valuable life lessons and that is that people come into your lives for a reason and in times of hardship there are special people that step up and just carry you through it. Through all of our Dramas with Harrison, from when we first found out to the very end there were some people that I am sure are angels in my life. My friend Penny, wow where would i have been with out you. Thank you for always baby sitting Cody, doing flowers for Harrisons funeral, organising meals, letting people know what was going on. Plus just being there emotionally. I miss seeing you as much now that we have moved and not going to the school as often.
Leah who car pools with me, for just being ready to drop anything any time. We appriciate you being the point of call and letting everyone know what was going on and having to face the tyrad of questions from everyone. Thank you for coming to see Harrison with me. I am so glad you got to see my little boy.
Anne, thank you for being there at the hospital. You were one of the few that got to meet my sweet little Harrison alive. I know you have an attachment to him, thank you for being the one that walked into my room when the nursury rang about Harrisons dive. Thank you for calming me. Also thank you for continuely asking how I am doing, and being supportive, what would I do without your text???? Tahnee, you have been great, thanks for cleaning my floors before the funeral, it certainly wasn't something that was on my list of things to do. For being a friend and just always so supportive to me.
I would like to thank Kim who dropped her life to fly up for Harrison's funeral. Raquel, Louise, Silke, Sussi, Sam, you guys have been amazing. Thanks for the phone calls, the visits, massages and meals. It all makes a difference. Losing Harrison has been the hardest, darkest part of my life but these people have been a light, angels on earth for me. I know you all had such hopes that Harrison would be ok. I had hoped he would be ok. Thank you for all just surrounding me with such love. I will always love you, and hold you dear to me. You are all part of Harrisons story, I am so sorry you didn't get to meet him, he was amazing. I know one day you will all get to meet him in Heaven.


  1. Dearest Mel,
    I have never met you and have just come across your blog via another. I am moved to tears reading what you have been through over recent weeks. I send you love and hugs via this message even though it will not ease your pain I hope it helps a little that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family....
    May God give you peace and help to ease your pain and heart ache....
    love to you all

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  3. Mel, I am so glad I got to meet Harrison. You are such a strong person, I wish I could take your pain away. You know that I am here for you anytime. You are a great friend.