Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Fathers Love

Rodney didn't handle the news very well when we found out at our 20 week scan very well. He found the whole pregnancy and appointments and test all hard. He actually could be a pain to be around as he would be so grumpy. I thought I handled the pregnancy ok, my whole out look on it was that while I was pregnant, Harrison was ok. I knew once he was born that was when the real challenge was. So I could feel him move and kick, babies have such personalities when your pregnant, and Harrison was so cheeky, he loved to stick his little bum out and do title wave moves. So in my way of thinking that was still having him, I was dreading the birth and so scared of it, as I felt it was out of my hands. If it was possible I would have stay pregnant so I could have him in some way. I think Rodney handled Harrison being born better then I did. Well to a degree. The nurse asked Rodney if he wanted to see him after he had been ventilated, Rodney went and saw him, and I think all the stress hit him at once and he nearly fainted, the nurse took him down and put him on the ground. She bought him back to sit next to me while they stitched me up. She told me she thought this was the best place for him. Rodney got to spend alot of time down with Harrison that night he was born. I wasn't able to go as I was hooked up to bits and bobs, now though I envy that time he got to just sit with him and touch him. I would give anything for just one more hour with Harrison. Harrison I hope you know you were so loved. Daddy loved you heaps and in this photo he was giving you an eskimo kiss. We both miss you so much.

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