Friday, October 22, 2010

I miss you today

Some days are better than others, today is a hard day. Some days I can look at Harrisons photos and be sad but not cry, today is a day where I cry when I see that sweet little face.There is such an emptiness there, a void that will never be filled. A special place where Harrison will be remembered. The hospital organises a debriefing where you sit down with doctors and people that were involved with Harrisons care, it is strange feeling, due to us knowing Harrison wasn't well from our 20 week scan we had sooo many hospital visits, then Harrison was born. Your life becomes so busy with Hospital visits, Harrison was born, I not only lost my baby, but also you lose this part of your life of hospital visits. In a way I am looking forward to going to the hospital. Also I only knew Harrison to be there, after giving bitth, A part of me wants to go to be there where he was, even though it was brief. In a way maybe I can get closer to him by being there. Gosh I miss him today. I wish I could give him a big hug and kiss his little head again.

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  1. What a precious little sweetheart dear Harrison is. I am so desperately sad for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your story and reminding me to appreciate all I have been blessed with. Thinking of you,
    Christine xx