Monday, November 1, 2010

You look so small in Daddies arms

Harrison was one of our smallest boys. Only 8pound and 14 ounces. In this photo he looks so small. Harrison was long though, 55cm, He was so gorgeous. I was surprised when they told us his weight. I really did think he was going to be heavier. When I was pregnant with him, he felt huge, I guess that didn't help with how much fluid I had either. You look like your daddy in this photo. People since knowing about Harrison seem to like to tell you of this story that this baby lived only 2 hours and this one lived only 3 months, I know as a mother who has lost a baby, no time is never enough, I feel for those that have still borns, or even those that lose there baby after 2 hours. I feel like the 28 hours I got just wasn't enough and I would give anything for another hour. I would give anything for 3 months worth of memories, I guess though those people that had 3 months wish for more as well. I think of Harrison as my little wings. We did a slide show at his funeral and had the song from Celine Dion Fly, it this song she mentions littlle wings. That 'little wings' phrasing has just stuck. So I think of Harrison as an angel with little wings. I often wonder if God lets them look down on earth? Does God give them messages from us? I wish I knew, I often ask God to pass on a message to him, so I hope he does.

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