Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The other side to people

I have been married to my husband for 8 years now, I have always got on with my in laws. When we knew Harrison was coming we organised them to come down and stay at our house to look after the boys for us, then Rodney had the flexiblity to be where ever he needed to be. The day Harrison died, Rodney raced back to our house to get them so they could meet Harrison. I am so glad that they did get to meet my sweet little boy. There was one moment that the big doctor wanted to talk to us, I sat next to my mother in law and said to her 'if the big doctor wants to talk to us, that is never good news' My mother in law was trying to be positive and told me that it would be ok. Well the doctor certainly delivered bad news, he told us that Harrison wasn't going to make it. That day I saw another side of my father in law. He struggled so much seeing Harrison so sick, and knowing he was dying. He made a comment that you accept the fact that you have to watch older people go in life but to see a baby so sick and to watch him die was hard. I am so glad for all there supposrt that day and the days that have gone by. My father and law rings and checks on us to make sure we are doing ok. I feel like I am closer to them now more then ever.
I love you Harrison, it is another day without you. The days seem to fly by and I can't believe you were born 7 weeks ago. The weeks seem to just fly by.
I am starting up some charity work in honour of Harrison. I will keep you posted on that.

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