Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I miss you, just like every other day

My friend had her baby yesterday. She called me to let me know. You become really torn when it comes to those sorts of topics. You are really happy for them, and relieved they made it into this world safely, but then it also brings up what you don't have. I don't have Harrison here with me in my arms. 11 weeks today Harrison was born. I have never really been a week counter, only when I am pregnant, and usually once December comes around, the count is on untill Christmas. Though with Harrison the weeks seem to be going so quickly, but yet the sadness that I feel seems to be as strong and just as heartbreaking from when I first had him. I wonder what he is doing up in Heaven. Does he think about me. Does he remember me? I wish someone could tell me these answers, I guess one day I will find out, but I wish I had them now. Some say things happen for a reason, well I don't understand why this needs to happen at all.

Harrison just like every other day, I miss you and I love you. Love mummy

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