Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The sweetest little boy

My beautiful Harrison, I look at his photos, the most treasured things I have to remember him by. My cousin Holly has written a really beautiufl poem for Harrison, she wrote it 3 days after Harrison died. I miss Harrison so very much, not many words can explain how much you miss your baby after they die.

Ten Fingers and Ten toes
Ten tiny fingers and ten little toes
why he couldn't stay, nobody knows
Two little ears and two beautiful eyes
So many questions and so many whys
It doesn't seem right, certainatly not fair
With mum studying his face, even every hair
Tears flow around the room
A little life taken, far to soon
It will take time, for these hearts to mend
This gorgeous angel, was only on lend
A devoted mother feels ripped of
As she touches his skin so soft
Harrison has a higher purpose at Gods throne
Ment to be greater then flesh and bone
Forever remembered xxxxxxxx
By Holly Clarke

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  1. omg that is the most beautiful and heartfelt pem ive heard........... ive been reading you posts since i came across your blog.... and i feel so sorry for you having lost your baby..... i havent lost a baby, the closest i came was my 12 yr old son almost died at 9 wks(but almost is no where near as bad as actually losing him)