Friday, November 26, 2010

A house full of flowers

When Harrison died, I had a house full of flowers. It changed my perspective on flowers. They were beautiful, don't get me wrong, but they all died. And that made me so sad. Another thing dying. Some people sent me orchids plants, they are gorgeous, In the note they wrote how the orchids flower at the same time every year, and that time is when Harrison is born. I really love that, then I went into a panic that I didn't want these plants to die. So far they are going fine. I look at these plants and think of him, As much as I love flowers I never want a house of flowers again. We had friends over for dinner and they were telling us of a friend of theres that wanted a house full of flowers, her daughter died in her 20's or so. She said she got her house of flowers then, and she to didn't want a house of flowers ever again.
I miss Harrison so much, he like my 3 other boys are my shining lights, and so precious. It just doesn't seem far that Me and Rodney are left without our son, and my son's are left without a brother.
I love you Harrison, I hope the angels are singing to you and playing games with you. Sending you kisses and hugs. Mummy Loves you.

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