Monday, November 15, 2010

Your little toes

I finally got a baby that took after me with something. (the other boys are spitting images of Rodney.) Harrison had my feet, and his little toe that curled in, is exactly like my feet. He also had my narrow feet. His were long though. That is one thing I paid attention to was his hands and toes. I held his hand for a long time, the day he was dying, I so desperately wanted him to know I was there. I love baby hands and feet, they just look so beautiful. Harrison had the longest fingers. I was so glad that the photographer, Jenny Ruddle, took these photos of his feet and cuptured the detail.
I can't begin to explain the loss I feel. It is like this overwhelming hurt in the heart, it is almost like your heart will tear apart and shatter into a million pieces. I miss him so much, every day, every hour, every minute he is missed. I love you Harrison, sending hugs and kisses to you. Love Mummy

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