Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is coming...

This photo is our Christmas photo for the year. We wanted to include Harrison, as he is part of our family. So the only way I could do that is put his little photo with the boys for the annual Christmas photo. I thought this would be a nice tradition to start with the boys to remember Harrison in our Christmas celebrations. I have also decided to do it when we go to see Santa, I am going to get the boys to take Harrisons photo and they can hold him. It would be Harrison's first Christmas this year so this one will be extra sad in a way. He should be coming with us to sit on Santas knee.
Christmas is coming, we have layby a play structure for our kids, we put this on layby in late January, we knew we were pregnant thinking this play structure will be great we would get heaps of use because of Harrison, and our 2 year old and for our 7 year old, our soon to be 12 year old will play on it with his brothers but not something that would excite him to much. It is getting delivered on Friday. This play structure makes me and Rodney really sad as it was suppose to be more for Harrison and Cody. We had visions of Harrison and Cody playing in the back yard together having a fantastic time. This is the thing that seems to have done Rodneys head in the most. We are sad for Cody as well, I really thought Harriison and Cody would be best of friends as they got older, they would have been close in age and have that special bond. Harrison is so missed.
Harrison, I hope you are up in Heaven, and I hope God lets you look down on Christmas day so you know we hadn't forgotten you. You will always be a part of our family. I love you so much and miss you. I love you little wings. Love Mummy.


  1. what a great idea to have the boys 'hold' harrison for the photo shoot.......

  2. Just wanted him included in the family boy photo. Thanks Amanda.