Saturday, December 11, 2010

Living without you

My in laws are away, and the boys and I didn't have much to do over a few days, to kill some time we decided to go to my in laws place, they live at Bribie, so we had the beach at hand, great to give the boys something to do, considering we are in second week of school holidays. But it was sad, I had that little bit missing where I should have had Harrison with us. If Harrison was here we probably wouldn't have gone, the beach with a 2 year old is a handful on my own, never alone with a baby as well. Or I would have organised a friend to come with me. I also sat on the beach and thought if he was with us and we did come it would have been his first time at the beach. I wrote his name in the sand with a heart. Hoping he was looking down from heaven and knowing I was wishing he was here with me. Christmas is fast approaching and I am getting sad about that he isn't here. We did the whole Santa photo the other day, I took a photo of Harrison, Santa had the boys on his lap and they were holding Harrison's photo. I liked the fact he was included. It is going to be another tradition with the boys at Christmas time,

I miss you my sweet little boy. It would have been your first little holiday and the first time at the beach if you were here with us. Well you are here with us, just in our hearts. I love you my darling Harrison. Sending you kisses and extra big hugs. xxxx

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