Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why, I don't understand

I don't understand so many things any more. Why Harrison had to be sick? Why did he have to die? Why people say the things that they do?
I am trying to create traditions that include Harrison into our family Christmas, and I read in a newsletter, that the support group that I go to sends out (SANDS) how one couple buy a present for there child from there angel baby. I really liked that idea, I thought all kids love presents, so from Harrison the boys will get something special. The presents are under the tree. I was telling a family member and I got the comment 'as long as it doesn't make them sad'. Well does that mean we just sweep it under the matt. Well at the moment alof of stuff about Harrison makes me sad and some upset the boys, and yes it will make them a little sad, but it will be a tradition that they will cherish. Also he was remembered. He is a part of my life and he is a part of this family and I want him to be included in this family. It is almost like people don't want to talk about it, well if you don't want to talk about my son then people shouldn't come here because he will be spoken about all the time. He is still a part of me and this family.
I miss you my sweet Harrison. I love you dearly. I think of you all the time. Wish I could give you a big hug. Love Mummy.


  1. omg, some people just don't 'get it'...... now ive never lost a child, but i totally understand that he is your son, and your other boys brother. he should be spoken about, and included in everything your family does. even though he's not here, he is still part of your family, and yes you and your boys will be upset, but thats natural.................would someone say to someone that has lost a parent, 'well don't talk about the parent that's died because you will get upset'. i think not