Saturday, December 18, 2010

Those cute little feet.

I sat on the couch the other day and was looking at my feet, and I realised that my pinky toe curls in, Harrison had the same little pinky toe as me. fianlly I got a feature of mine on one of my babies. They all look so much like there father, it is almost like mini Rodneys walking around. I guess it is just another thing that makes me feel ripped off. He had such beautiful cute feet, they were long and really narrow.
A week until Christmas, I am trying so hard for the boys, to do the whole Christmas thing, but it is a bit hard to be all Merry when the loss is so raw and still so fresh. We are a little boy down, and it isn't meant to be like this.
We have friends coming over today, they lost there little girl to Diaphragmatiic Hernia, it will be a year in January for them. It will be good to have them here. Just to have that common bond.
My dearest Harrison, I love you and miss you. Thinking of you always. I hope the angels sing to you and play with you. Though I am so jeolous of that, I wish I could be doing that. I love you. Love Mummy

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