Friday, December 17, 2010

Little treasures to remind me of you

I just want to say a thank you to Kirstie, I met Kirstie through Sands, the support group for those who have lost babies. She made me this really beautiful braclet. I have worn it everyday since she gave it to me.
The last few days have been really hard for me. This was around the time I had hoped we would have been bringing Harrison home. My hope was that he would come home for Christmas. I remember the neonatalist doctor saying that they had had some babies without Diaphragms at all and they were still in hospital (For 3 months). I had thought to myself well, hopefully Harrison would have a diaphragm and surely he better off with a diaphragm then not. Well that obviously isn't the case.
This grief is such a lonely journey. I have met some really great women who are going through similar stuff. That has been so helpful. To know you are not alone. But the whole feeling of a loss is such a personal journey as well. The heartwrenching pain you feel waking up in the middle of the night, and realising it isn't a dream.
Harrison my sweetest little boy, I wonder what Christmas is like in Heaven. I wonder if there will be any special celebration up there. I wish you could be here with me. I love you, and I am thinking of you.


  1. what a lovely bracelet............... i would think a baby would be better to have a diaphragm than not too.......some things just don't make sense.............. giving you hugs and kisses during this lifetime of loss and sadness for you

    im still in the process of making the pages for your charity

  2. That is what I would think as well.I don't understand this world.

    Thanks Amanda so much for all your support and for doing those layouts, I can't wait to see them.