Sunday, December 19, 2010

Harrison I am missing you terribly. The last few days have been really hard. Went shopping today, saw the baby first Christmas little outfits. That was really hard. I should have been buying those outfits for you to wear on Christmas day. How beautiful were you my sweet little boy. I wish you were here.
I love you!!1


  1. omg all the things that remind you that 'it should be harrison'doing these things, must be sooooooo breaks my heart that you(and all the mums that have lost babies) have to go through all this, when it just shouldnt happen................

    just a question(but i dont think you would know the answer)......... it seems that if babies can survive without a diaphragm, then is a diaphragm just one of those things we are born with but dont need ie: tonsils, spleen, appendix, 1 kidney..... these are all things we can survive without, and apparently diaphragms would be included(since there are babies alive without them.... couldnt they have just removed harrison's diaphragm??.......because having it didnt do anything for him......... sorry, i worry alot and think of 'what if's'

  2. I think these babies, were very sick, and a very long stint in hospital. With Diaphragmatic babies it isn't the so much having organs in the chest cavity, it is the fact that those organs by being there stop the lungs from growing. If you aren't born with good lungs there is nothing they can do for the babies, due to Harrison;s lungs not growing how they should have been and then the vessels that are in the lungs are then small and can't carry the oxygen around the way they should.