Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ways to remember you

We concreted the pads for the kids Fort that we layby at the beginning of the year. We knew we were pregnant with Harrison, so this gift was partly for him. So we decided to write the kids names in the concrete we wanted to include Harrison's as it was for him as well.
We put all the boys hand prints above there names, but because Harrison isn't with us I put the date he was born and the date he died. I feel as though this will be here forever, even if we move our house and yard is special and he has a place here, this house was built with him in mind, so this is a way he can lay claim here. It makes me sad that he never came home to see our house or his room. He is home in a way now but it isn't the same.

Harrison my sweet little boy we love and miss you. This is one of your Christmas presents. We miss you and wish you could be here.

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