Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank you Anne,

My dear friend Anne bought me this beautiful Angel Ornament. This ornament hangs on our tree, I really love this ornament, Thank you so much Anne for getting me this. It means the world to me.
It's Donovan (my eldest son) birthday today, I love birthdays, but these days there is an element of sadness as well. Harrison isn't here with us to celebrate, and these times when it is such a family time it really hits home that he isn't here.I have decided on birthdays that we will include Harrison and now Harrison gives a birthday present and a christmas present to the boys At least by doing this I feel like he is still remembered by the boys in an exciting way, and that he is still some what included in our family, especially those special days
I have this internal battle, I love Christmas, but a part of me just doesn't want to do Christmas. In some ways it is just to happy and so family orientated I don't have all my family with me, my little boy is an angel in heaven, but I want him here.

I miss you my sweet little boy. I wish you were here, especially for today and tomorrow being Christmas. I love you so much. Missing you as always. I love you Love Mummy

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