Friday, December 3, 2010

Our donated bear in Memory of Harrison

This is Harrisons bear that we donated to the hospital, and one of the tags that I have made up for the hospital. I am making these tags for them so that people who are given them know that the bear has been donated in the memory of another baby. This is Harrison's little bear. I wish nobody has to go through what we went through with Harrison. As much as I want Harrison's memory to go on, I wish no one would have to receive Harrison's bear. My heart breaks for all those people out there in that situation.
When you go through what we have been through, it changes your view on the world, and the people in it. Even now who I thought were friends aren't. Then those that weren't great friends are. I have noticed now those that I feel like I can talk about Harrison to I want to spend more time with because they seem to understand that he is a part of my life and always will be. Those that I feel like I can't you tend to move away from.
I guess a tragedy like this makes and breaks alot of relationships. It causes pain on top of pain, and everything gets to hard.
I love you Harrison

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